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Modern photography for couples in love. Lyndsay is an internationally award winning photographer based in California and available for world-wide travel.

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Wrap It Up Pretty Little Black Book!

It's freezing in Boston right now. I mean reeeeally cold (and I'm a girl who loves winter). But it's days like this that spending a Friday night cuddled up close to your sweetie is totally justified. And if I close my eyes tight enough maybe I can even transport myself into this sophisticated 20's inspired photo shoot by the lovely, Kate Triano and ...


Clarksburg Wedding by Lyndsay Undseth Photography + The Petal Company

Having a close family member in the wedding biz takes a lot of the pressure off! Not all, definitely not all, but a lot. Having someone to bounce your ideas off of, someone who can help you decide what will work, and what might not, helping you pull your vision together, that's what a wedding planner will do. In this case, it was a true family blessing for this California couple. Working with Jessica at...


Wrap It Up Pretty + A Winner!

Oh my goodness, hasn't this been the most wonderful week of inspiration here on Style Me Pretty?!?  We most certainly think so.  In fact, we are loving this week so very, very much, we couldn't say goodbye to all of the gorgeous just yet.  No, we have one last dose of pretty for you wedding lovers out there, all courtesy of this uber-fabulous boho-inspired photo shoot and the stylings of NLC Productions.  Trust us, you'll want to be sure to...